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This program allows you to make money by indicating our plans to others, therefore boosting your earnings.

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Evo Binary developed an automated system to help traders, from the unexperienced to those who already dominate the market for a while, aiming to facilitate operations and obtain more expressive results in the market. Our system monitors a great amount of assets per day, does not get distracted, does not lose focus, is never tired, has no doubts or fears and is completely free of emotions and psychological problems. While you are focused on your job or while you are travelling with your family, this system is scanning the market searching for the best opportunities for you.

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Evo Binary has created the most innovative and profitable affiliate and reward program the market has ever had. This program allows you to make money by indicating our plans to others, therefore boosting your earnings. With Evo Binary’s affiliate program you win in two ways: by increasing your capital’s monthly profitability with our know-how and by recruiting other people.






1. THE PARTIES AND SUBSCRIPTION 1.1. THE CONTRACTED PARTY EVO BINARY, Evo Binary International DWC, legal entity of private law, registered with TAX NUMBER no.4687, headquartered at Business Centre Logistics City, Dubai, Aviation City, P.O. Box 390667, DUBAI, UAE 1.2. THE CONTRACTING PARTY The person or legal entity who voluntarily filled its data, registering its agreement regarding all these provisions, previously stating having understood the entire content of this legal deed through an acceptance made via Internet, on the website WWW.EVOBINARY.COM, subscribing to this agreement, hereinafter referred to as The Contracting Party. 1.3. SUBSCRIPTION The above-identified parties confirm being fully aware of the content of this deed and, by their own free will and in due accordance to the existing law, sign and agree on the fairness of this agreement and on the following terms and conditions, which shall be considered as duly registered. 2. THE OBJECT 2.1. ACTIVITIES OF THE CONTRACTED PARTY The EVO, with the contribution of its trained professionals, aims to provide software for financial operations. 2.2 THE OBJECT OF THIS AGREEMENT 2.2.1. The CONTRACTING PARTY receives a license from the CONTRACTED PARTY for the utilization of the software. This access shall be made available to the user through the back-office of the CONTRACTED PARTY. 2.3. SERVICES SUPPORT 2.3.1. The CONTRACTED PARTY shall provide all the necessary conditions so that the CONTRACTING PARTY can use its software, providing online assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 2.4. BINDING TERMS 2.4.1. The CONTRACTED PARTIES shall have no binding employment relationship, and the work regime is of autonomous nature, without imposing any roadmaps, goals, constancy or other hierarchical impositions. 2.4.2. The remuneration received by the CONTRACTING PARTY shall be directly linked to the volume of the transactions carried out by the software, and said remuneration shall be up to 27% (twenty-seven percent) per month, which shall have be calculated solely upon the banking value of the CONTRACTING PARTY. 2.4.3. It is herein expressly fixed that the CONTRACTING PARTY is forbidden to carry out any commitments or obligations on behalf of the CONTRACTED PARTY. 2.5. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS OF THE EVO BINARY NETWORK It is a "sine qua non" condition for the acquisition of software that the CONTRACTING PARTY is at least 18 years old and legally able to be accountable for its acts. 2.5.1. The CONTRACTING PARTY has a period of seven (7) days from registration to upload all documents required by the CONTRACTED PARTY under penalty of non-activation of the account. 2.6 ETHICAL STANDARDS 2.6.1 By acquiring this software the CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes to use the resources made available strictly within the rules and deadlines set out in its website: WWW.EVOBINARY.COM, and, by means of this deed of use and compliance it also undertakes to comply with all laws and current regulations in force. 2.6.2 The CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes to use the website of EVO BINARY only to consult the system, download authorized content and to send invitations, or for the disclosure of its commercial advertisements, being herein stipulated that any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, under penalty of loss of registration. The participation or involvement of the CONTRACTING PARTY with competitors of the EVO BINARY, either regarding its activities or its economic model, will also result in the loss of registration. 2.6.3 As a condition for the use of the software, the CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes for all legal purposes to not utilize the resources for any unlawful purpose not regulated in this agreement or prohibited. In such cases, the CONTRACTED PARTY reserves the right to refuse the provision of services, close accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at its sole discretion. 2.6.4 – The CONTRACTING PARTY agrees to comply with all applicable local, municipal, state, federal and international laws and regulations, being solely responsible for all actions or omissions made while using its access password, including the content of its transmissions through the System, also agreeing not to: a) use the EVO BINARY Software in connection with surveys, tenders, chains, pyramids, spamming or any unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise); b) vilify, slander, disturb the tranquillity of others, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of third parties, such as privacy and publicity rights; c) publish, distribute or disclose any material or information with discriminatory content that violate rights regarding the freedom of beliefs, or any other defamatory, transgressive, obscene, indecent or unlawful content; d) obtain or otherwise collect information about third parties, including e-mail addresses, without the consent of their proprietor; e) create a false identity to deceive others on the identity of the sender or the origin of the message; f) attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the Software, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the EVO BINARY System using illegal password searches or through any other form; g) violate any applicable laws or regulations, including but not limited to, the laws on the transmission of technical data; h) interfere with the use and operation of the EVO BINARY System by another CONTRACTING PARTY and also undertakes not to interfere in the use and operation of similar systems by other individuals or organizations; i) violate the integrity or test the vulnerability of a data system, or network measures, or breach security or authentication; j) interfere or attempt to interfere in the activities of any user, host or network, including and without limitation, the presentation to the Site of malware, overloading, "flooding," "spamming," "mail- bombing" or "breakdown"; and also, not to falsify any header or any part of the header information in any email or posting; k) use any mechanism, software, tool, agent, data or other device or mechanism (including and without limitation, browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) other than that provided by the EVO BINARY; l) post, transmit or otherwise make available any material that encourages any conduct that may constitute a criminal offense, or that would encourage or provide instructional information for illegal activities or activities such as "hacking”, "cracking", or "phreaking"; m) use language that may distort the real meaning of the products or of the mechanism and operation of the EVO BINARY Software, including, but not limited to, expressions that convey the idea of instant enrichment without any consideration. It also agrees not to consider the cost of membership as a "financial investment". Thus, it is expressly forbidden to use the word "INVESTMENT" in meetings and in general dissemination material, either orally or in writing. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES OF THE CONTRACTING PARTIES 3.1. Upon completing the sending of the registration, the CONTRACTING PARTY also agrees to receive messages in its electronic mail box (email) through the specific tools used by the system. 3.2. The CONTRACTING PARTY agrees and herein declares that the communications and notifications electronically sent by the EVO BINARY to its email address are valid for Legal purposes. 3.3. The EVO BINARY reserves the right to convey advertising actions, of content and format at its sole discretion, in any messages sent to its CONTRACTING PARTIES, who herein agree to receive them, not allowing any special claims that would intent to render these messages unwanted or unauthorized. 3.4 The EVO BINARY reserves the right to restrict, for as long as it deems necessary, the entry of new CONTRACTING PARTIES, should this be essential to ensure the quality of the services provided and the proper functioning of the company. 3.5. The CONTRACTING PARTY declares, under penalty of law, that the information provided by it to the EVO BINARY website is true, accurate and complete, undertaking to keep it updated, especially the physical address; whose incorrect, incomplete or inconsistent information shall not invalidate notifications sent by different means than the electronic one. 3.6. The access code and password of the CONTRACTING PARTY is personal and nontransferable. The EVO BINARY shall not be responsible for the security of the data stored on external media and on folders of the personal computer of the CONTRACTING PARTY. 3.7. The first profitability payment shall be made 30 days after activation of the plan, in a total of 12 (twelve) monthly payments of up to 27% (twenty-seven percent) of the banking value of the CONTRACTING PARTY. 3.8. The first marketing profitability payment shall be made 15 (fifteen) days after activation of the plan, in a total of 50 (fifty) weekly payments. 3.9. Withdrawal requests shall be made on Mondays and paid until Friday of the same week, and the minimum amount for withdrawals is of 100 € (one hundred Euros). 4. CANCELLATION AND REGISTRATION BLOCKING 4.1. CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION 4.1.1. The EVO BINARY may cancel at any time and without notice the registration of any CONTRACTING PARTY who violates the provisions of the code of ethics or any of its duties, or violations related to harmful material to other traders and their activities. 4.1.2. The CONTRACTING PARTY may cancel its registration, a) using the prerogative provided in the relevant legislation of the country of contracting, provided that it is always made clear in the request which is the law and reason underlying said request, which must be made within 7 (seven) days after the registration date. The CONTRACTED PARTY shall have 10 working days to review the request and, being the same in accordance with the current legislation, it will refund the full amount actually paid to the EVO, except the entrance fee, as this amount is not refundable; if the payment has been made by credit card, it shall make the reversal of the respective amounts and, b) at any time after the period of repentance, with no need of prior notice, but in compliance with the content of the following provisions of this section. 4.1.3. In order to be disconnected from the EVO BINARY System, it must request the cancellation in a specific form which is available in its personal page or, in the absence or inability to use this feature, by written and signed letter with notarized signature sent to the headquarters CONTRACTED PARTY, stating correctly all the requested data; should such data be strictly equal to those informed upon registration (which will be confirmed for safety reasons), the cancellation shall be entered and deemed irreversible. 4.1.4. Should the CONTRACTING PARTY request to cancel registration after the legal deadline, it herein declares to be aware that there will be no refund of any amount, since its position will continue to entail maintenance expenses. 4.2. PAYMENT CANCELLATION 4.2.1. If the CONTRACTING PARTY cancels the payment of its membership, all logins that have the same TIN number or email will be suspended and shall be released upon payment of the total amount of the chosen plan. 4.3. REGISTRATION BLOCKING 4.3.1. The EVO BINARY System may block the registration of the CONTRACTING PARTY at any time with immediate effect and without prior notice to the CONTRACTING PARTY if it considers that it has performed any act that directly or indirectly violates the provisions of this agreement, in particular: a) by disclosing unauthorized material, modified or not in accordance with the EVO BINARY standards; b) by sending SPAM, or any message which is unauthorized or unsolicited by the recipient containing information on the CONTRACTED PARTY; c) by making, at its sole discretion, profane or transgressive comments regarding the EVO related to the System, to the company that manages it or to the individuals who run it; d) by making profane, infringing, vilifying, obscene, defamatory, offensive comments or otherwise related to any of our employees and not complying with the System standards and terms; e) if after 5 (five) days of confirmation of its registration the CONTRACTING PARTY has not made effective its participation in the EVO BINARY System upon payment of the amounts in force; 4.4. Taking into consideration the provisions of the preceding clause, the CONTRACTING PARTY shall be given the opportunity to submit its defense within 10 (ten) days or to withdrawal by the same means and with comprehensiveness. The acts listed in the preceding clause, the registration blocking shall become a Registration Cancellation. 4.5. The CONTRACTING PARTY whose registration is cancelled by the EVO BINARY shall, as expected, lose the right to all the privileges provided by the EVO BINARY System and cannot enjoy, in any way, the benefits it held as a CONTRACTING PARTY without the express written consent of the management of the company EVO BINARY. 4.6. In case of cancellation of the website by the user after the deadline set out in the cancellation rule, for whatever reason, it is herein established that the monetary return will have its maximum at 50% (fifty percent) of the amount paid upon the membership and the costs to EVO BINARY will be deducted from the direct and indirect commissions, bonuses and others. 4.7. The EVO BINARY shall not return under any claim or justification the ENTRANCE FEE amount (membership) paid by the CONTRACTING PARTY, who is fully aware that this amount is paid for the utilization of the resources provided by the CONTRACTED PARTY. 5. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 5.1. The CONTRACTING PARTY recognizes, without limitation, that the included content, text, software, music, sound, photos, videos, graphics or any other material contained in sponsors’ advertisements or electronically distributed, as well as any commercial information submitted to it by EVO BINARY is protected by laws to protect Rights related to Copyright, Trademark, Program Trademarks, Patents and other laws relating to intellectual property rights, being allowed upon authorization of the EVO BINARY to copy this content solely to use it in the non-commercial disclosure of the Software, as long as the Copyright notices and other proprietary notices are left intact and it is not allowed to modify, copy, reproduce, republish or send modified data to another computer or otherwise distribute it. 5.2. The collection, organization and assembly of all site content are exclusive property of the EVO BINARY and protected by copyright international laws, including trademarks and patents. 5.3. Access to the website is not a permit given to the CONTRACTING PARTY to use its content or any third party rights relating to intellectual property. 6. RESPONSIBILITIES 6.1. The Site may contain links and interactive features that interact with third party sites, including social network sites. The EVO BINARY is not responsible and has no responsibility for the operation, actions, omissions, privacy settings, privacy policies, terms and conditions and content of any other website. 6.2. The links and interactive operations to third party websites on the Site does not constitute an endorsement by the EVO BINARY to said third party sites, and, it is herein stated that other sites may possibly link to the site with or without our consent, thus, the EVO BINARY may block any links to or from the Site. 6.3. The use of third-party websites shall be solely at the risk of the CONTRACTING PARTY. That is, the EVO BINARY, its employees, directors, agents, vendors or suppliers shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses, including damages arising from the use or inability of third party links. 7. FINAL PROVISIONS 7.1. The EVO BINARY reserves the right to, at all times, monitor, review, retain and/or disclose any information in order to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or requirement from a relevant authority. 7.2. It is part of the EVO BINARY police to readily meet complaints regarding intellectual property violations. The CONTRACTED PARTY shall process and investigate promptly all complaints related to violations, taking the necessary measures under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other intellectual property laws that may be applicable, and, upon receiving infractions notifications under the DMCA, the EVO BINARY shall act immediately in order to remove or prevent access to any violated material, as well as any reference or link to the violated material, further eliminating access to subscribers and holders who have carried out such violations. 7.3. The information included in the software or made available through it may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors, thus, they may be changed and the EVO BINARY and/or its respective suppliers may also, at any time and without notice, make changes to any part of the System, including to the present term of use, and the CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes to constantly check these changes. 7.4. The EVO BINARY does not state nor guarantees that its software shall not have interruptions or that it will be error free, that defects will be corrected immediately, or that this system or the server that makes it available is free of viruses or other harmful components. 7.4.1. However, it ensures that upon detection of any abnormalities in its domain, it will take the most urgent measures for the regularization of the situation. 7.5. The CONTRACTING PARTY agrees to exempt the EVO BINARY and its existing partners, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as its offices, employees and collaborators from any liability for any claims, demand of losses or damages, including attorney fees, that may be claimed by third parties due to or resulting from its use of the EVO BINARY software, or any conduct related to it. 7.6. The EVO BINARY reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, these terms of use or even the guidelines regarding the use of the System, and it shall then publish an updated version on its website. 7.6.1. The CONTRACTING PARTY shall be responsible for the periodical review of the current content of the EVO BINARY website and these Terms of Use. After any change, the EVO BINARY shall consider them being tacitly accepted, without needing any further communication. 7.7. Compliance with the provisions of this Agreement by the EVO BINARY is subject to the legislation of the place of contracting, the international treaties in force and the relevant legal procedures. It is herein underlined that no provision of said legislation shall derogate the right of the EVO BINARY to meet any requirements or administrative or judicial orders imposed by the competent authorities with regard to the use by the CONTRACTING PARTY of the software or information provided by the EVO BINARY or collected by it from such use. If any provisions of this agreement are declared void or ineffective before the legislation in force, including and without limitation, the provisions relating to exemption and the limiting of responsibilities abovementioned, such void and ineffective provisions shall be replaced by valid and enforceable provisions which respect to the intent and purpose of the original provisions, having the remaining provisions of this Agreement full force and effect. 7.8. Unless otherwise specified herein, this deed is the complete agreement between the CONTRACTING PARTY and the EVO BINARY regarding the use of the software. 7.9. The printed version of this Agreement and of any notification or notice submitted by electronic means shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings arising from or related to these Terms of Use in the same way and subject to the same terms of other business documents and commercial registrations originally generated and filed in printed form. 7.10. It is herein elected the jurisdiction of Lisbon to solve any doubts arising from this deed, expressly waiving any other as privileged as it may be or may become. 7.11. The payments made by credit card will appear on your bank statement with the following reference: ALW*evobinary8882551137

Terms of Service Privacy Policy Terms of Service The following are the terms of service (“Terms of Service”) that define the relationship between Class Twist, Inc. (doing business as ClassDojo (“Company,” “ClassDojo,” “we,” or “us”)) and you, and govern your use of ClassDojo’s services.

We’ve done our best to write this policy in simple, clear terms. We’ve also added a column on the right that provides short explanations of the legal language in plain English (it starts with ‘Basically...’) to aid in understanding, but it isn’t legally binding.

Last updated: July 16, 2016. You can see past versions of our Terms here on Github.

Quick Reference Agreeing to our Terms Using the Service Your Information and Content Privacy Additional Terms by User Type FERPA ClassDojo Technology Social Media Modification to Agreement Your Warranty Restrictions Experimental Features Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability Registration and Security Indemnity Copyright Protection Third Parties and User Interactions Termination Dispute Resolution Miscellaneous Agreeing to our Terms

Thank you for your interest in ClassDojo, which owns and operates the services offered on (“ClassDojo Website”) and any associated mobile applications (“ClassDojo Apps”) or products and services that Company may provide now or in the future (collectively, the “Service”).

When using the Service, you will also be subject to the ClassDojo Privacy Policy and any posted guidelines, policies or rules applicable to specific features of the ClassDojo Site or ClassDojo App, which may be posted from time to time (collectively the “Guidelines”). These Terms of Service, including any other Guidelines and future modifications (collectively, the “Agreement”) govern your use of the Service and is a legal contract between you and ClassDojo. By registering for an account on, or otherwise accessing or using the ClassDojo Service, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you are using the Service on behalf of an institution that has a separate written agreement with ClassDojo, that agreement governs your use of the Service.

If you are under the age of 18, you represent that your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to the Agreement. If you don’t get your parent or guardian to read and agree to the Agreement, you don’t have permission to use the Service.

If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity to these terms and conditions, in which case the terms “you”, “your” or “Member” shall refer to such entity. If you do not have such authority, or if you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you must not accept this Agreement and may not use the Service .


By using or signing up for ClassDojo, you agree to these terms. Welcome to the community!

Using the Service

As long as you are complying with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Company gives you permission to access and use the Service that you select through the applicable registration process. The Service is available for your personal, noncommercial use.

We are constantly changing and improving our Services. We may add or remove functionalities or features, and we may suspend or stop a Service altogether, including, for example, if you do not comply with this Agreement or if we are investigating suspected misconduct. You can stop using our Service at any time, although we’ll be sorry to see you go. We may also stop providing Service to you, or add or create new limits to our Service or restrict your access to all or a part of the Service at any time without notice or liability. Access to and use of the Service itself is free, but in the future, we may offer new or additional special features which ClassDojo may charge for. Please also be aware that while we currently provide our mobile services for free, your carrier’s normal rates and fees still apply, such as text messaging and data fees.

The right to access and use the Service is revoked in jurisdictions where it may be prohibited, if any.


You can use ClassDojo, as long as you follow the rules in these terms.

Your Information and Content

In the course of using the Service, you and other users may provide or post certain content or information which may be used by ClassDojo in connection with the Service and which may be visible to certain other users (“User Submissions”). Please visit our Privacy Policy for additional information on the types of information different types of users are able to provide. Additionally, some User Submissions may be deemed an Education Record (as defined below).

You retain all ownership rights you have in any User Submissions. ClassDojo does not claim any ownership rights in the User Submissions.

In order to allow ClassDojo to provide the Service, you hereby grant to us a limited, non-exclusive, sublicensable (as necessary to perform the Service), worldwide, royalty-free, and transferable (only to a successor) right and license to (i) use, copy, store, distribute, publicly perform and display, modify, and create derivative works (such as changes we make so that your content works better with our Service) such User Submissions as necessary to provide, improve and make the Service available to you and other users, including through any future media in which the Service may be distributed, (ii) use and disclose metrics and analytics regarding the User Submissions in an aggregate or other non-personally identifiable manner (including, for use in improving our service or in marketing and business development purposes), (iii) use any User Submission (including any Education Record) that has been de-identified for any product development, research or other purpose; and (iv) use for other purposes permitted by the ClassDojo Privacy Policy .

Company will only share and use your personally identifiable information in accordance with ClassDojo’s current Privacy Policy at http://www./privacy.

The license in (i) above will terminate when you delete any User Submissions with intellectual property rights (like photos or videos) (“IP content”)), you or your Institution (as defined below) deletes an Education Record, you delete any personal information, or you delete your account, unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it. Note, however, that any User Submissions that may be in or related to messages sent through ClassDojo Messaging , Class Story, or School Story may be kept after you delete your account. Please see our deletion FAQs for more information. When you delete IP content, Education Records, or personal information, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle or trash bin on a computer. However, you understand that any removed User Submission may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others). You are responsible for making sure that you have all rights in the User Submissions, including the rights necessary for you to grant us the foregoing licenses to the User Submissions.

All information posted or transmitted through the Service is the responsibility of the person that posted it, and we will not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content. ClassDojo cannot guarantee the identity of any other users with whom you may interact in the course of using the Service, or the authenticity of any data which users may provide about themselves. You acknowledge that all content accessed by you using the Service is at your own risk and you will be solely responsible for any damage or loss to any party resulting therefrom. We do not guarantee that we will publish any of your User Submissions, and reserve the right to remove User Submissions from the Service at any time for any reason, such as if we receive a notice reports a User Submission infringes someone’s intellectual property rights.

Our automated systems analyze your User Submissions (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, and for spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored. ClassDojo will not analyze any Educational Records for the purpose of providing behaviorally-targeted advertising to students or parents. The foregoing shall not be construed to (i) prohibit ClassDojo from marketing or advertising directly to parents so long as the marketing or advertising did not result from the use of Educational Records to provide behaviorally-targeted advertising or (ii) to limit the ability of ClassDojo to use Educational Records for adaptive learning or customized student learning purposes.

We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about ClassDojo, but you understand that we may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to compensate you for them.


You own any content you post on ClassDojo. You also give us permission to use it to provide the ClassDojo service to you and other users. Our use of any personal information you submit is also subject to our Privacy Policy .


Your privacy is extremely important to us, and we take great care to limit what we collect and how we use it, and to enable you to understand our policies. Please read our Privacy Policy which explains how we treat your personal information and protect your privacy when you use our Service. By using our Service, you agree that ClassDojo can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Have a read of our Privacy Policy , which outlines our practices towards handling any personal information that you may provide us.

Additional Terms by User Type

a) Students : if you are a student accessing the Service at the invitation of a teacher or other school official, the following terms apply to you.

(i) Only students who have been invited, or given access to the Service, by their teacher, school, or district may use the Service. You may not access or use the Service unless you are invited or given access to the Service by a teacher, school, or district who is authorized to give you access to the Service.

(ii) We request minimal personal information to be provided from students to sign up for an account on the Service: username, password, and age or date or birth. If you are under 13 years of age, we also collect your parent’s email address so that we can provide notice or obtain consent for you to use the Service. If you are a student, please do not provide any personal information about yourself to us, other than what we request from you when you sign up for the Service or as directed by your teacher, school or district, such as through the use of the Student Stories feature.

(iii) The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) prohibits online service providers from knowingly collecting personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age without verifiable parental consent or notice as applicable (“Consent”). Consent may be obtained either by 1) ClassDojo if the student is setting up a student account; or 2) a student’s school if utilizing certain features of the Service without setting up an account (such as the Student Stories feature). Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using certain features of the Service without Consent. For that reason, the signup flow for the Service requests the age of each new student user. By registering, you promise that you provided your real age during your signup, and you are either (a) over the age of 13 or (b) you gave us your parent or legal guardian’s actual and current email address, and that any response sent to Company in response comes from your parent or legal guardian.


Students: if you want to create a ClassDojo account and connect it with a class, you must be invited or given access by a teacher. If you’re under 13, you have to get your parent’s permission. We collect minimal information from students in order to create a ClassDojo student account to provide them with the ClassDojo service – usually just a username, password and their age (and a parent’s email address to ask for Consent when applicable).

b) Teachers and school leaders : if you are a teacher, school leader, aide, or other similar personnel (“School Personnel”) accessing the Service on behalf of a school, school district, or other similar educational institution (the "Institution"), the following terms apply to you:

(i) You agree that you are acting on behalf of (or have permission from) your Institution to enter into this Agreement and to use the Service as part of your curriculum.

(ii) You further understand and acknowledge that COPPA prohibits online service providers from knowingly collecting personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age without Consent and you understand that we will not let children under the age of 13 use certain features of the Service unless: ClassDojo obtains Consent from the child’s parent or legal guardian if the student is creating an account on ClassDojo; or You obtain Consent in the situations where the child is not creating an account, but you as School Personnel allow the child to access certain features of ClassDojo which may result in the collection of personal information from the child, such as through the Student Stories feature (“School Consent”). ClassDojo will not provide full access or use of the Service to children under the age of 13 that you invite or allow access to the Service if we are unable to obtain parental consent or learn that School Personnel or the Institution has not obtained School Consent.

(iii) School Consent . You acknowledge and agree that when School Consent must be utilized to allow children under 13 to use the Service, you and/or the Institution will be solely responsible (and hereby agree that ClassDojo is not responsible) for compliance with COPPA. This includes without limitation, limiting access to the Service to those student users from whom School Personnel has received valid Consent forms and complying with all parental requests regarding the collection, use and disclosure of such parent’s child’s information. School Personnel or the Institution are responsible for disseminating parental consent forms to the parents of potential student users, for confirming receipt of valid consent forms for each child before granting the student access to the Service, and for retaining such consent forms on file. If a parent user does not consent or rescinds such School Consent, School Personnel or the Institution shall immediately notify ClassDojo to discontinue that student’s access to the Service and ensure that such student’s information is no longer accessible through the Services. For more information on School Consent please see our FAQ .

(iv) Only School Personnel who are current employees of the Institution may use the Service on the Institution’s behalf. Upon termination of a teacher or other staff member's employment with the Institution, such individual must return and cease using all login details and student access he or she has in his or her possession. If at any time you learn a user of the Service claims to be affiliated with your Institution who is not, in fact, affiliated with your Institution, you will notify Company immediately.


Please be sure your school or district is fine with you using ClassDojo, and acting on behalf of your school in this Agreement. Additionally, if you are utilizing the Student Stories feature in your classroom, where a student under 13 is not creating an account on ClassDojo, you will be responsible for obtaining parental consent under COPPA before the student can use this feature.

c) Parents: if you are a parent of a student that has been invited to create an account on the Service or is given access to the Service by School Personnel, then the following terms apply to you:

(i) If your child is under the age of 13, Consent must be given in order for a student to use certain features of a ClassDojo student account. This Consent may be obtained either from 1) ClassDojo if the student is setting up a student account; or 2) a student’s School Personnel if utilizing certain features of the Service without setting up an account (such as the Student Stories feature). If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child who has created an account with us and you did not receive an email seeking your Consent, you can email us at privacy@ to have that child’s account deleted. Please note, that if you as a parent provide an email to School Personnel when the school is obtaining School Consent, we may send an email asking you to verify your child’s account, but you will not receive any other emails unless you have opted in to email marketing or have separately created an account on our Service.

Information collected from students (including personal information and information collected automatically) is never used or disclosed for third-party advertising or any kind of first- or third-party behaviorally-targeted advertising, and personal information is never sold or rented to anyone, including marketers or advertisers. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

(ii) You further agree that we may send you messages, alerts, and other communications through the Service, including via email, web alert, text messages, push notifications and other similar means, in accordance with the preferences you set through the Service, and you agree to accept such messages, and pay any applicable network access, data usage, or similar fees.


Parents: if your child is under 13 and creates a ClassDojo account, we’ll need your permission to activate certain features on their account. If your child wants to use the Student Stories feature without a student account, a teacher or other school personnel will obtain your permission.


Certain information that may be provided to ClassDojo by School Personnel that is directly related to a student and maintained by an Institution, may be considered an education record (“Education Record”) under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”). Additionally, certain information, provided to Company by School Personnel about a student, such as student name and grade level, may be considered directory information under FERPA (“Directory Information”) and thus not an Education Record. A school may not generally disclose personally identifiable information from an eligible student’s education records to a third party without written consent of the parent and/or eligible student or without meeting one of the exemptions set forth in FERPA (“FERPA Exemption(s)”), including the exemption for Directory Information (“Directory Information Exemption”) or disclosure to school officials with a legitimate educational interest (“School Official Exemption”).

As School Personnel or an Institution providing Directory Information or any Education Record to ClassDojo, you represent, warrant and covenant to ClassDojo, as applicable, that your Institution has:

(i) complied with the Directory Information Exemption, including, without limitation, informing parents and eligible students what information the Institution deems to be directory information and allowing parents and eligible students a reasonable amount of time to request that schools not disclose directory information about them; and/or

(ii) complied with the School Official Exemption, including, without limitation, informing parents in their annual notification of FERPA rights that the Institution defines “school official” to include service providers and defines “legitimate educational interest” to include services such as the type provided by ClassDojo; or

(iii) obtained all necessary parental or eligible student written consent to share the Directory Information and Educational Records with Company, in each case, solely to enable Company’s operation of the Service.

ClassDojo will never share Education Records with third parties except (i) as directed by a ClassDojo user (i.e., teacher sharing with another teacher or parent); or (ii) to our service providers that are necessary for us to provide the Service, as stated in our Privacy Policy . A list of our current essential service providers is located here . Education Records are never used or disclosed for third party advertising or any kind of first- or third-party behaviorally-targeted advertising to students or parents. Additionally, information collected directly from a student using ClassDojo is never used or disclosed for third party advertising, or any kind of first- or third-party behaviorally-targeted advertising to the student, and personal information collected from a student is never sold or rented to anyone. This section shall not be construed (i) to prohibit ClassDojo from marketing or advertising directly to parents so long as the marketing or advertising did not result from the use of Educational Records to provide behaviorally targeted advertising or (ii) to limit the ability of ClassDojo to use student information or Educational Records for adaptive learning or customized student learning purposes.

ClassDojo may use Education Records that have been de-identified for product development, research or other purposes (“De-Identified Data”). De-Identified Data will have all direct and indirect personal identifiers removed, this includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, demographic information, location information and school identity. ClassDojo agrees not to attempt to re-identify the De-Identified Data and not to transfer the De-Identified Data to a third party unless that party agrees not to attempt re-identification.


FERPA gives parents and students certain rights over their education records. FERPA requires schools to not share personal information in education records without either meeting an exemption or obtaining parental permission. So, if a teacher provides student information to ClassDojo, the school must either meet an exemption or obtain the appropriate permission in advance.

ClassDojo Technology

The Service and the ClassDojo Technology are intended solely for the personal, non-commercial use of our users and may only be used in accordance with this Agreement. “ClassDojo Technology” means all past, present and future content of the Service, including, all the software, hardware and technology used to provide the Service (including ClassDojo proprietary code and third-party software), user interfaces, materials displayed or performed on the Service, such as text, graphics, articles, photographs, images, illustrations and the design, structure, sequence and “look and feel” of the Services, and all other intellectual property, including all ClassDojo Marks. ClassDojo Technology is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You are not allowed to use, store, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, create derivative works from, display, license, sell or otherwise exploit the ClassDojo Technology for any purposes other than as expressly permitted under this Agreement. You will not decompile, reverse engineer, or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of any ClassDojo Technology. “ClassDojo Marks” means the trademarks, service marks, logos, or any other trade name, trademarks, service marks and other distinctive or proprietary brand features of ClassDojo.

Using our Service does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Service or the ClassDojo Technology. You may not use content from our Services, including User Submissions, unless you obtain permission from its owner or are otherwise permitted by law. These terms do not grant you the right to use any ClassDojo Marks. Don’t remove, obscure, or alter any copyright or other legal notices displayed in or along with our Services.

You may download a single copy of the ClassDojo App for personal, non-commercial use only.


We respect copyrights, trademarks and brands. Please respect ours, too!

Social Media

Company may, now or in the future, incorporate certain functions that allow you to interact with the Service through your accounts on certain supported third party services, such as social networks or network storage sites (“Linked Accounts”), such as with “Like” and “Share” buttons, or similar features. If you choose to use such features, you grant Company permission to access and use your Linked Account for the purpose of processing your requests. Your use of Linked Accounts is subject to the applicable third party terms.


If someday you want to use third-party services through your ClassDojo account (e.g., Google Apps), we’ll help you connect your account to those services so you can use them.

Modification to Agreement

We may modify this Agreement or Guidelines to, for example, reflect changes to the law or changes to our Services. You should look at the Agreement regularly. We’ll post notice of modifications to this Agreement on this page. Changes will not apply retroactively and will only become effective when (a) you use the Service after you know about the change, or (b) thirty days after they are posted (whichever is sooner). However, changes addressing new functions for a Service or changes made for legal reasons will be effective immediately. Your continued use of the Services, following notice of the changes to the Agreement or Guidelines, constitutes your acceptance of our amended terms, policies or guidelines. If you do not agree to the modified Agreement, you should discontinue your use of the Service.

ClassDojo will not change how Education Records are used or shared under these Terms of Service without advance notice and consent from a School Official or Institution.


If these terms of use change, we will notify you, and give you a chance to opt out. We won’t change the terms retroactively.

Your Warranty

You warrant, represent and agree that you will not provide any User Submissions or otherwise use the Service in a manner that (i) infringes, violates or misappropriates another’s intellectual property rights, rights of publicity or privacy, or other rights; (ii) violates any international, federal, state or local law, statute, ordinance or regulation or which would render Company in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, including without limitation COPPA and FERPA; (iii) is harmful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or otherwise objectionable; or (iv) jeopardizes the security of your account in any way, such as allowing someone else access to your account or password. Additionally, you represent, warrant and agree that you (i) possess all rights necessary to provide your User Submissions and grant Company the rights above and (ii) you are solely responsible for compliance with the applicable provisions of COPPA as set forth above when obtaining School Consent.


You agree not to post content that harms others or violates anyone’s rights.