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At that time with the development of science and technology, the cable car appeared. The skiing tradition has been completely changed. Before each skier must climb on foot to the mountain, this activity is that they don't feel cold. And the appearance of the cable car, but so that they exposed to cold. Ramillon especially noticed this, Moncler Outlet and knew that it had to create a kind of clothes to fight the cold. In fact, artificial waterproof fabric in use at that time did not guarantee the heat enough, and high prices of eiderdown filled and not a lot of quota. So Ramillon began to test the use of some of the artificial materials as a substitute. He chose a new type of polyester fiber, called Tergal. Ramillon uses this material to fill the nylon products. A new line of products as a series of being put to the major sports magazine advertisement.

In 1957, in order to prevent products filler supply and improve labor efficiency, Cheap Moncler coat discount the company relocated to the more raw materials to Grenoble. In 1964 Moncler was founded by the promoter Terray in Alaska branch. Safe and reliable Mincler raw materials are recognized by the world. And in the sixty years of economic take-off, they also contributed a number of sports events. The company also adjusted to the changes in the product and current affairs, facing a larger group, not just for the sports.

In early 1970s, Moncler no longer produced tents and camping equipment and focused exclusively on the production of ski fill. In fact in the 70's can be seen as a skiing movement, and the Moncler's clothes in the market at that time is the most significant. 1974 Ramillon Rene to the company by the Charlon Anni care. From the whole 70 time, Moncler maintained the status of sports apparel. With the 1980s along with the arrival of the hedonism values clothes were as the symbol of status, also left its mark in the history of moncler.

To 1983 in this situation is changed by a new phenomenon. This phenomenon is very similar to that of Japan, is the time to collect all of the Milan is known as the paninari of the Italy fashion, the fashion and the Moncler have chosen to be the only one. Because of the cold weather is not easy to go out is also the reason for its demand.

Paninari are often gathered in the city's most fashionable area - S.Babila Piazza. Their fashion will be the media to enlarge the wind is still subject. And Moncler jacket is one of the most will not go wrong is also the most expensive clothes. Even though it will be a lot of people want to. In 1985, 50000 in Italy alone sold out jacket. Moncler jacket discount The most popular styles is nylon fabric additional nylon shoulder pads and removing sleeve styles, the most popular color is the orange and yellow, the two in that shop are very hard to find. The control of jacket supply is the most complicated problem in the time of import. When other European importers to see Italy so hot demand even retained only 10 to 15 percent of their own goods and other sending into Italy. Any one of the stores will be on display at once. Even some private buyers will go abroad to buy back their own sales person.

Advertising by the exporter to occupy the place of publicity, the most famous is a sign of the polar bear, and the brand is written: Mon, Cher Moncler? By Enzo Braschi in Moncler on paninao is Moncler famous TV advertising. Despite the cultural constraints of Moncler, the Moncler has been a continuation of the spirit of the brand itself, which has escaped the importers who are not able to sustain the success of the scale.

Over several rounds, after ups and downs after these years, Moncler has stood at the crest of fashion. The regression, Moncler become more bright and luxurious. Moncler Outlet Store And the Balenciaga Spy Fendi series handbags show it and the perfect integration of high-end brands, and Watanabe Junya, Beams these brands of cooperation to le oxocbnar. outlet Moncler find a wider world, especially for some of the use of bright colors, more and more young people like.

Since 2006, Moncler has launched a series of Rouge Gamme, the beginning of the beginning of the creative director Facchinetti Alessandra Valentino. When the Alessandra Facchinetti was just GUCCI out soon. However, Facchinetti Alessandra for Gamme design of the Rouge Moncler is quite successful, which also indirectly let her be selected by Valentino Mr.

And after Facchinetti Alessandra, Moncler and Valli Giambattista took over the post. And Valli Giambattista for Gamme Rouge Moncler design of the first clothing line, is the 2008 autumn and winter series, the success of the combination of elegance and sports, made a perfect interpretation.

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You can also search among more than 200 factory outlets on our map of Europe . contentmap_module

Barberino Designer Outlet Italy

Northern Italy - Barberino Designer Outlet is north of Florence.

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Castel Guelfo The Style Outlets Italy Northern Italy - Castel Guelfo Style Outlets east of Bologna.

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Castel Romano Designer Outlet Italy

Castel Romano Designer Outlet is in the southern part of Rome.

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Designer Outlet Brenner Italy Northern Italy - Designer Outlet Brenner is on the border to Austria.

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Fidenza Outlet Village Italy Northern Italy - Fidenza Outlet Village.

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Franciacorta Outlet Village Italy Northern Italy - Franciacorta Outlet Village is in Northern Italy between Brescia and Bergamo.

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La Reggia Designer Outlet Italy Southern Italy - La Reggia Designer Outlet on the highway north of Naples.

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Mantova Outlet Fashion District Italy Northern Italy - Mantova Outlet Fashion District.

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Molfetta Outlet Fashion District Italy Southern Italy - Molfetta Outlet Fashion District.

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Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet Italy Northern Italy - Noventa di Piave Designer Outlet. You will find the outlet close to the highway between Venice and Trieste.

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Palmanova Outlet Village Italy Northern Italy - Palmanova Outlet Village is south of Udine on the way to Trieste.

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Sardinia Outlet Village Italy Sardinia - Sardinia Outlet Village is north of Cagliari.

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Serravalle Designer Outlet Italy Northern Italy - Serravalle Designer Outlet.

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Space Prada Factory Outlet Italy Northern Italy - Space Prada Factory Outlet is also known as Pellettieri d’Italia.

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The Mall Outlet Italy Northern Italy - The Mall Outlet is south of Florence.

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Valmontone Outlet Italy Italy - Valmontone Outlet is 40 kilometer east of Rome.

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Vicolungo The Style Outlets Italy Northern Italy - Vicolungo The Style Outlets is between Torino and Milan.

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Factory outlet stores in Venice and Veneto City of Milan

Surroundings of Milan


Outlet Center

Veneto Designer Outlet Mc Arthur Glen

30020 Noventa di Piave (VE)
Via Marco Polo, 1
Tel.: 0421 5741

Veneto Designer Outlet is just 40 Km from Venice, 30 Km from Treviso and 70 Km from Padua. Opened from autum 2008.

Monday: 10:00 - 20:00 Tuesday: 10:00 - 20:00 Wednesday: 10:00 - 20:00 Thursday: 10:00 - 20:00 Friday: 10:00 - 20:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00

Scala Milan

Skip the Line: Venice in One Day

3 hours Starting from 53,50